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Faceparty caters for loads of different people in one big, kick-ass community.

Hub’s are mini pocket-sized Faceparty babies - for a gang of people who all share an identical passion - such as snowboarding, tattoos or “smoking pot” …or who share something else in common, like going to the same university.

With all the same Features as their Big Mamma (Chat 2.0, Make Friends and Forums) they are powerful, fast ways to meet like-minded people and others in the same boat.
Imagine a Hub as a house full of people… well, that hub’s built on a Planet.

...but it’s not a Planet like Earth, these Planets are complex, ever-changing plasma balls, who totally rebuild themselves every time you click a “tag”. Don’t panic if you’re confused …it’s easy to understand once you get yer head around it…

Let’s say you start on Planet Music. Everyone into music and all of their music Hubs are there for you to explore.
Well, let’s say you’re bang into Grime. All you need to do is click the Grime “tag” and all of the Hubs and people on the Planet float up into the atmosphere and the Planet rebuilds itself, and reforms so that everyone into Grime lands closer to you, and anyone who doesn’t like Grime drifts further away and out of your sight. The Planet is now called “Music> Grime”.

It’s deeper than that too. Let’s say you were a Grime DJ, looking to find others, you could then click on a tag which says “DJs” and again the Planet would reform so that you were slap bang in the middle of all the Grime DJs. The Planet is now called “Music> Grime> DJs”.

We call the order in which you select these tags as your journey. Remember, it’s not about the destination, it’s all about ya journey. “Music> Grime> DJs” is a totally different experience to “Music> DJs> Grime” …wandering away from the capital of the first Planet would mean you’re surrounded by less DJs, but still around people who like Grime. In the second example it’s the other way round – less people into Grime, but around more DJs of other music tastes.

Surfing planets is the most powerful way to meet like minded people, but it only works because people save their favourite Planets and join Hubs that suit them.
So you’ve joined a few Hubs, saved a few Planets; our Hub brain’s gettin’ to know you pretty well … it’s gettin’ to know everyone well.

We can now introduce you to extremely like-minded people – those truly on your wavelength; people who the same interests, hobbies, desires and tastes – people you can instantly relate to …about everything.

So, we now know you’re weed smokin’, graffiti taggin’, indie lovin’ dwarf …well, there’s plenty on your wavelength, and we group ‘em all together for ya. Those with identical interests to you are known as Total Clones, those with less interests in common are still there, just a little further away.

The more Hubs you join, the more Planets you save …the better it gets.
Hubs, Planets & Wavelengths are fully integrated with Chat 2.0.

Unlike Chat 1.0, which used “Chat Rooms”, Chat 2.0 has everyone in one big party and you can zoom in and out to mingle with like-minded people of a particular interest, or a group of interests (wavelengths).

Because you can zoom in and out, that’s one reason why the journey is more important than the destination when joining Hubs and Planets. Always choose tags in the order of importance.

For example, “Music> Drum n Bass> DJ” takes you to exactly the same destination as “Music> DJ> Drum N Bass”, but the zooming is a totally different experience – one is focussed around Drum n Bass, the other around DJs.

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