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hey i am louise this group is for all the goth/alterative/punky/metalhead people here on faceparty. NO CHAVS ALLOWED!
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Get your comlete musical fix, let talk rock music.
2,079 members
For anyone into the alternative music scene. This includes: Darkwave, EBM, Industrial, Goth, Metal, Ska, Punk, Emo, etc... Please, play nice :o)
1,397 members
for everyone who ever been called a freak, social outkast and whatever come and join the group!
906 members
I made this group for anyone that's got a love for metal, hardcore, emo or punk music. So feel free to join and chat
746 members
this is a group for people who love punk music,remember punk is about the music not the fashion!
739 members
Everyone loves it, everyone needs it, everyone should join Music. Unless of course your favorite tune comes from Sclub7
282 members
This group is for anyone who love's alternative music and our whole world, but please people these groups are ment so people reply to forum topics ...
135 members
Goths, Punks, Skaters, Hippies and Rockers from North West (UK) come together....and talk bollocks down the pub.
84 members
Interested in punk rock and associations? Fuckin' join then...
34 members
ok so its a group for people who like all sorts of music from punk to classical and everything inbetween im a fulltime music whore i love loads of ...
32 members
A group dedicated to the man that opened the UKs ears for so many years
24 members
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