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And all this time honey, baby you've been had. x
Name: George M. Bryce
Details: 35 years old (Taurus), Male, Single, Straight
Location: Lanark-ish, Scotland, United Kingdom
Profile Link:www.faceparty.com/savagepoetry
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Mad Dog crashes out again mwahahaha
In my own words

Hey. Thanks for checking out the profile x

I'm not into talking myself up, I'd rather find out about others through conversation. I'd say I'm nice ...maybe a smidge of cheeky :) lol

I've been getting my teeth into a bit of activism lately, it's fun lol

Facebook group - 'Lawful Rebellion: Scotland'.

Into reading, art/design, tattoos, cycling, working out and generally doing anything that's creative and makes me feel awesome.

Into the sort of women that make you think 'wow'. Someone with their own subtle differences Good banter as well as good fun!

Don't know why I'm still here cause I'm not really into people who love themselves; which seems to be 99.9% of you btw. But I guess if no one else will love you, who will huh? Ouch...

I don't expect anything from this site but some good chat is always welcome.

So message me :) x
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Must ...keeep ...at least one ...eye ...opeennn
Hmm, I've been up since ...well all night really. The bloody sun has come up now damn it!! To bed! Or not to bed!?? THAT! ...Is the question.
My Eternal Dilemma...

People that despite the facts delude themselves :

What's with all the transvestites and dudes with their nobs out on this site?? This isn't 'RockyHorrorParty.com"
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princessamiee wrote...  
thank you for the comment hun, how are you? :) x
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6dra6ven6 wrote...  
Thank you for my picture comment! :)
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xxxjuicy-babexxx wrote...  
do ya hvae msn or owt hunny?? xx
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xxxjuicy-babexxx wrote...  
ohh noo i dont like them kind of old ppl!! i got given a radley handbag other day from an old lady lol... i soo need a powder fight with u lol... where i live is full of tramps and junkies and imagrants lol, i do live in the posh bit bt its just so bitchy u say hi to someone and 10mins later uve aparently slept wif em lol... woop i am great at gettin lost lol xxx
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xxxjuicy-babexxx wrote...  
Eww I hate them kinda old ppl!! Ey mister if u wana start a turkish delight powder a give as good as I getlol... Where I live is awful its so bitchy and annoying!! Old ppl wud be loads easier to cope with!! When r u goin ta london?? I've never been before I might have ta invite ma self hehe :) xxx
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xxxjuicy-babexxx wrote...  
Morrniinn :) oh haw cute I love lil old ppl ther soo funny!! I'm just bord and mad bcos my custamer has just decided not to turn up!! Rude eh!! Ovcorse al buy u turkish delights am just nice like that u have ta share with me tho lol... Oakworth is near leeds :)... What ya up ta this wkend thn owt gurd? Xx
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keridoll14 wrote...  
Can't sleep boooo x
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xxxjuicy-babexxx wrote...  
aww thats rubbish hun!! i have basked in the sun at brimham rocks or sumfink like that lol dont seem to be very brown after 2 days sunbathin tho :S... i dont have to teach u ta shop ill just help u :) ermm i dont shar turkish delights al buy u some of ur own :) just cos im nice like that lol... not lookin forward to goin back to work tomorrow!! where is lararkish whtever it is lol??? xxx
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xxxjuicy-babexxx wrote...  
Heyy boy :D am good thanx haw r u?? Yeh not a bad weekend at all how was urs?? U get up to much?? I wudnt beet u up I'd just make u buy sumat lol... Ermm I think I'm gunna chop ur fingers off if u go near my turkish delight there my fave and I'm not a big fan of sharing lol xxx
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xxxjuicy-babexxx wrote...  
Oh yes my credit card doesn't like me tho! It let's me spend over my limit then charges me for it lol... Ooo yay I love ppl like that ther tha best ta shop woth I'm great at gettin ppl spendin lol... Yup u can have all my sweeties and boxes of chocs all I like is turkish delight and green midget gems and winegums lolu can have the rest :P see I'm good at mekin ppl happy lol!! I help them spend there money and then give them sweets haw fun am I lol xxx
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Favorite Things

If you bring me food you have won me over :) x

Mostly Acoustic stuff but I like all sorts

TV Show
Dave :D on council Sky or Edge Media TV

The Count of Monte Cristo/Indiana Jones

Author / Book
Graham Hancock, Colin Wilson, Robert Buvaul

Night Club / Bar
pubs, clubs with spew on the floor suck


Anyone who takes risks :)

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My bed, have no idea how bad ass comfy tis!

My acoustic guitar, notepads, phone, bed!


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