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Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.
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the 'Soul' - exposed
just a bit of a scrapyard of photos of me
18 Updated 2 Nov 08 | Created 16 Apr 07
My Photography Gallery
some how i'd rather be taking pictures of landscapes than myself so sorry if you were hoping for a guy in skimpy shorts and big pecks.. most of them are on steroids anyway ;-)
19 Updated 13 Feb 08 | Created 4 Jan 08
pictures for another stargazer
these are for you
4 Updated 7 Dec 07 | Created 7 Dec 07
Great Tits of Art History
Can't believe what I'm seeing on FP - so many women really flaunting it like there is no tomorrow and it's not all hidden in adult only views.. here are some of the great tits .. and arses.. I have snapped travelling the art galleries of the world that are evidence to the art the body is. .and a few other tits of the art world... tell me what you think.. am I being cheeky :-) Sadly unless you pay FP money they will not let u see the other Lempicka.. bloody fakeparty phillistines
77 Updated 7 Nov 07 | Created 24 Apr 07
Great Cocks of Art History
it's only bloody faceparty!!.. equality for all this site seems full of guys flashing it and some girls requesting it, so let me join in.. here's something for the weekend for you girls.. I doubt it though.. I may add primitive greek and inca art features a lot of well endowed male models let me know if you would like to study examples
21 Updated 6 Nov 07 | Created 24 Apr 07
Music is the answer...
Since the folk at freakparty think the average IQ is about 5 they give no space to let us write about ourselves but give us zillions of bytes to store lude photos to show the debauchery of our lives.. .this however is my music the soundtrack that drives my life and thosewho inspired me and those no longer here I miss
3 Updated 15 Aug 07 | Created 14 Aug 07
what kind of woman is ....
10 Updated 1 Aug 07 | Created 5 May 07
Bacchus - the joy of sects
Dionysus, Bacchus or Bakchos.. originally the Greek god of wine and son of Zeus. He found Ariadne sleeping on Naxos and married her putting her crown into the constellations as Corona. His followers were called 'Maenads' or 'the raving ones' and were mainly women, often thought of as wild and insane they indulged in copious amounts of violence, bloodletting, sexual activity, self-intoxication, and mutilation. The Romans reintroduced him as Bacchus the god of Wine and Ecstacy very much as a cult.
27 Updated 16 Jul 07 | Created 12 Jul 07
the Salvation of man
things that may help save the sex
5 Updated 13 Jul 07 | Created 12 Jul 07
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