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i stole this off my best friends brother =]
Name: Liz 'Keeko' Parker
Details: 33 years old (Aquarius), Female, Single, Open Minded
Location: Leigh, near Manchester, United Kingdom
Profile Link:www.faceparty.com/loopymonkey
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Squeeky clean and ready for bed
In my own words

Hello =] x
Liz "Keeko" Parker, vegan (for those who don't know what that is - I don't eat things that use to have a face, or come from things with a face). Sometimes I'm shy, sometimes I'm outgoing, I suppose it depends on my mood. I love to laugh, make me laugh and I'll be rather fond of you for quite a long time.
Get to know me? =] x

Oh! Also, I use Twitter a lot. Go find me =]
This Week's Plan...

Contune to look for a job throughout the week. Tuesday Wigan, Wednesday Cinema(Maybe?), Thursday no Skins.. Out? Friday Wigan, Saturday Motion City Soundtrack, Sunday sleep.
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ashlifer wrote...  
oh no's i meant nightmarish as in the staying up to get them finished, i dont dream anymore, well i dont remember them if i do, its rubbish, i miss them =(
nopies i wont be at MCS, shows always sell out before i have pennies, am still gigging it up this week tho, seeing one of my faves Emery on friday! x x
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ashlifer wrote...  
ahuh im doing just fine =) has been a nightmarish last few days, been awake since 7am on saturday!! i look and feel a bit like death! am glad its all over with and can enjoy my 3/4 weeks off for easter now =D yaaaay! hehe x x
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ashlifer wrote...  
heeeey heys! sorry its been like aaages! =( my blackberry decided to fall out with the site and not let me on, damn thing! buts i have my lappytop back now all fixed! finally!! =) how have you been keeping? x x
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ashlifer wrote...  
Aww good, a fun day for you =) I agree, spontaneous days are indeedy the best! What did you get up to, you go to the pleasureland thingy?
I could always keep a look out for you and find you a nice boy for a date ;) what kind do you wants? x x
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ashlifer wrote...  
Never a real first date?! Why is this? =( Saying that tho I think I've only been on one kind of proper one myself. The american theme is cool, went to an amazing diner in london the last time I was there, I don't know really any vegan places in mancs, wagamamas is the only one I can think of...Aww WOW! Southport, very jealous! I wish I could be having a beach day today =( have fuuun!! x x
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ashlifer wrote...  
Mornings! You manage any shut eye? I'm all refreshed after my 4ish hours =)
Its all nice and sunny so going for a wander in town and then maybe to an exhibition before lecture and library.
I know I am pretty lame this week, hehe, I do usually do more things! I thinks there is a roller disco, I'll have to investigate =) been a fair while since I skated! x x
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ashlifer wrote...  
Righty that's me done for tonights, my eyes are all watery so its deffo sleepytime for me =)
Nighty nights to you! Have nice sleeps! x x
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ashlifer wrote...  
You got it in there straight away haha! =)
Ahuh I'm good at finding them, they aren't too good at listening tho, they always end up ignoring my advice and going for the bad ones, eh wells
Other than a gig and heading home to pick something up pretty much nothings else, a boring week for me really =( x x
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ashlifer wrote...  
Hehe okays =) I'm used to it, I'm still on a mission of convincing my course mates, its like me, a gay guy and 20 girls, I'm usually on boyf finding duty for them, I don't really help myself much do I? haha
Nah no beds yet, still too early, I would just lie there, give up and get back up =( I be reet for an hour or so
What stuff you up to this week? x x
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ashlifer wrote...  
Haha no I'm not homosexual, I do get asked a lot tho, you surprised? I have mainly girl mates so it all just kinda rubbed off onto me =)
I'm shocking myself, I'm actually feeling a bit tired, this is rare, may be in for a nights of sleeps! =) x x
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Favorite Things

Vegan stuffs.

Anything I can sing and dance to.

TV Show

Louise Rennison.

The Butterfly Effect.



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