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If I ever met... wrote
If I ever met God
I think I wouldn't really care.
I'd probably chew the fat,
as you do to pass the time of day.

Oh I'd be polite,
and mind my P's and Q's.
I'm not rude or insolent.
I'm just not a real fan.
Idolisation wrote
All throught my life I've never really had anybody I would say I idolised or used as a role model. Of late I have found more and more inspiritaional people that inspire me. They also seem to have quite unique characters and strong opinions and maybe a little lonely.

Tracey Emin

Elizabeth I

Sylvia Plath

Holden Caulfield

These four people play a big part in my thoughts and feelings as I truly can relate to them.
rant wrote
At the moment there is a few things im hating or that annoy the hell outta me.

Im sick to death of seeing scantily clad and half naked girls everywhere. Im not jealous dont get me wrong here. But just cos you can show a bit of flesh isnt a good thing. && please you are all not glamour models or suicide girls.

Also peopl who just follow trends i mean have some originality please? Dont just wear that cos itd cool or listen to a band cos everyone else is???
3 entries  

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