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untitled wrote
right for the men (and some women) on here who want to start rumours about me, just cos you spread shit about me doesnt mean its true and as for the men who tell everyone they've "done" me, just cos you want to boys doesnt mean its actuelly happened.
untitled wrote
why are men such liars? must have something to do with their genetics cos i dont think i know one who isnt full of bullshit!!
untitled wrote
well life isnt easy right now. sometimes people you think care for you let you down.. well fuck them cos who really needs people who let you down all the time. Gonna keep my cards close to my chest from now on cos fed up of people using them against me. Its a good job im a firm believer in what goes around comes around isnt it.
anyway rant over hahah
love ya all xxx
3 entries  

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