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carry on wrote
--- change it or even correct spelling.... wot u see me write i havent seen till i post it lol.... more fun that way!
MADNESS... literally. wrote
Sorry but im getting addicted to this blog thing... anyway... i want to share sumin mad with whoever cares.... i went to the doctors yesterday.... was only there for 20mins.... and now im precsribed to bleedin happy pills LOL WTF! i knew it was coming but MAN. A doctor telling you that you actually need Meds just cos u go a bit mad now n agen!! crazy.... but then agen its coming from me. (once agen i apoligise if wat i wrote made no sense... i jus wrote wat i though and im not going to ----
CRAP wrote
The last entry... as in bout 2 mins ago has just stuck me in it... i was planning on gettin a webcam or however you get pics onto here.... so then u will see me and it will be the same ole embarrising situation.. ah well.
AAAAllllrighty then.... wrote
BAAAAH time to build up a second life on the internet. I dont even feel sad saying that... theres enough bloody people doing it... im just trying to fit in lol... besides the way this is going if i dont get online everyone else will until in real life everyone walks around unaware of each other until they get onthe internet and then they start showing emotions and speaking to people.... i dont know wat the fuck i hus sed... but who cares man.... U CANT SEE ME! lol
IM BACK wrote
WHOA... headrush i haven been on here in literally 2-3 years. Didn't kno i still had an account! well i neva. BAAAAH.
5 entries  

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