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Blonde, bubbly n very busty!
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Squaddies wrote
Hey everyone, not made an entery(not that kind u filthy lot) for a while now! So I'm just wantin to say that lately I've got a thing for SQADDIES! Yes u sexy men. Ur sexy, gorgeous n brave, n i love ya all!!! Keep up the good work x
Heartbroken! wrote
Think Ive finally found someone I could be happy with n Ive gone n fucked it up, b4 its even started! I feel so gutted. Cant believe I brought demons from my last relationship in2 this one. Wish I cud just start afresh. So Chris... Im really sorry babe x
Rant!!! wrote
Is it any wonder us girls turn 2 the lasses? U men r all wankers. Im sick ov time wasters n mind games. Dont need it, dont want! So if thats what ya after then dont bother!!!
Wierdos wrote
Hey what is it with u guys sendin me freaky msgs? In the last 2 days Ive had one askin me wud I like 2 b a misstress, not so bad i guess... but the other was off a guy askin me did i wanna get jiggy with him n his cat??? WTF???? I mean cmon, do u really think Id wanna do that kinda shit? Please no more freaks eh!!!
Worst weekend ever! wrote
Hey guys, guna go all morbid on ya now, soz... I have had the wosrt weekend ever.
In the space of 6hrs Ive had my husband kickin off bladdered at alf 4 in the morn, assaultin me, he ended up gettin arreasted. Get 2 wrk (late again mite i add) sign on my till 2 get a fone call off me mam sayin my grandad had just died!!! Absolutely heartbroken!!! Always been a grandads girl. Wish Id had more time 4 him. Miss u loads Grandad!!! Oh n i will mnake sure they put ya good teeth in!!! Love u xxx
5 entries  

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