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love youuuu x x x mwahh x x x
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.... wrote
well ime thinking am i gunna find sum 1 rli sexy with the sparkle there and gunna treat me ryt grrr hmmm never can get the whole package :(
this is to antony kenton hahaha wrote
Roses are ded violets are 2! Im stil in luv but not wi u, U fort u hurt me an made me cry but na im in luv wi another guy, Simply because u have no class all you can do is kiss my ass! U sit around an talk your shit..so fuk u and ur little dick!U fort u left me but i left u, What my man is doing u cnt do !U tel your homies u played me like a bitch an i tel my girls you have a little dick! U said you loved me but it wasnt true..wel guess wot motha fucka I PLAYED YOU TOO haha
.... wrote
As We Grow Up, We Learn That Even The One Person That Wasn't Supposed To Ever Let You Down Probably Will. You Will Have Your Heart Broken, Probably More Than Once, And It's Harder Every Time. You'll Break Hearts Too, So Remember How It Felt When Yours Was Broken. You'll Fight With Your Best Friend. You'll Blame A New Love For Things An Old One Did. You'll Cry Because Time Is Passing Too Fast, And You'll Eventually Lose Someone You Love. So Take Too Many Pictures, Laugh Too Much, And Love Like Y
....****.... wrote
y is it dat every lad i chat 2 wants 2 no all bowt me 4 da 1st 30 secs den asks "wen we meetin 4 a shag den bird" grr..boys boys boys fix up lol wat append 2 da gud old wanna go 4 a drink every gyalie likes 2 be spoiled ...rite so i bin meetin up wid dis lad all hot 1 min cold da next n ime gettin confused i ent gunna let me guard down dow uno wen u jus wanna fella hu makes u go all gooey inside grrrr anyway am goin on now but its my blog so i can hehe laters xx <3
4 entries  

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