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Bobzac for Prime Minister
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The Password wrote
telling someone a password means deletion, a life ban, and that the password is pulled, thus kicking countless others off of faceparty.

read admin's vox, solve the riddle, stop asking people: you're basically asking if they fancy getting banned.

alternatively, if you can't crack the riddle, tell your friend that facebook's loads better.
4th wrote
by justboy_h about a minute ago

It's not rape if you hold them afterwards and say sorry.
now the third wrote
by pauldasxcbeast 2 mins ago

is he the cancer victim in the middle?
so far the 2nd most funniest thing said on gossip wrote
by banned-nun about a minute ago

yknow what im hating right now? the fact that im too high to sleep but too monged to do anything productive.

i really want to have sex with you and it annoys me that you're neither here, naked nor are you caressing me.

the world is unfair cheryl.
so far the funniest comment on tantrums wrote
by jordon_deecup 1 mins ago

put your pancake tits away, you fucking ugly skeletor reject. mwah
5 entries  

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