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Shag or Pass wrote
There is at least one person on your faceparty list that wants to Shag the hell out of you.

So lets play the Shag or Pass! game.

The rules are simple... if you want to Shag the person who posts this, send them a message saying yep, I'd Shag you.

SCARED? lol this is funny

YOU HAVE TO RE-POST THIS!! and see who replies.
There is at least one person on your faceparty list that wants to
do u so!!!

repost this as Shag or Pass
Grrr wrote
Funny Phone Calls

Who the bloody is awake at 3.40am? Huh what the fuck? Even if you are awake dont bloody phone me god people . Its like get a life better still go to bloody sleep and i pick up and you hang up whats that all about damn, and to top it all off you phone me with no number its a good job really cos if i new who it was id be screaming at you! And then someone has to phone the house phone and do it this afternoon and you left ya number er stupid or what get a grip you dumbass!! Gr
Pet hates wrote
The Silly Little Girls On Here Who Think I Give A Shit That They Dont Like Me, Get Over Yourselves!! - Men In Pink, Its Not Cool, Its Gay - Chavs - Emos - The Moronic Men On This Site Who Think I'm Joking When I Say No!! People Who Take Themselves Too Seriously - Uptight Motherfuckers - Bitchy Girls - Depressive People - Animal Cruelty - eBay - Wankers - Judgmental People (me) - Pushy People - Racism - Homophobia - Prudes - People Who Lie For No Reason -
3 entries  

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