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You dont know me so why you judging?
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Back in Essex! wrote
Just got back after 13 months travelling. I spent a year in Australia truely has been an amazing experience.I then went to thailand for a few weeks, unreal :) Would recommend travelling to everyone. Back home for years but hopefully going back out Time to get back into Essex ; )
Australia :) wrote
Just moved over to Australia in march for a year (hopefully) two years :)
Loving it do far, in Victoria at the moment but heading up the east coast. Anyone who done it or in Australia all advice be very well received :) x x
clothes=slag (apparently) wrote
really don't understand why so many girl undervalue themselves on here by being virtul sluts basically. Seriously don't understand it like have respect for yourself! I hate it that you can't go out nowdays in certain clothes without being thought of a 'slut' straight away. Sure I love to dress up but am I going to shag you hell no! It apllies to all sexuality and genders. Anyway rant over lol
untitled wrote
What would you rather be a frog with no legs or a cheetah that can't run?
Australia wrote
So excited have finally decided where I'm going travelling next september. Australia for a year. be so glad to leave this country and start having some proper adventure. Best get Saving x x x
5 entries  

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