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i have a theory about evolution...how it shouldve been.
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thoughts wrote
Do you know the true meaning of losing something? It comes from the thoughts that you get when all else leaves you, the quiet times. At first you remember what you had, then the feeling of emptiness that comes with being alone. You slowly peel the layers away and with it the reasons why you are not there now. Everything that was not right stings your eyes with its truth and at the same time the relief that youre not part of that any longer.

Now comes the realisation.
really? ya think? wrote
i hate today, everything has gone wrong and its only just gone 9...
Why do i bother..there's no happy every after and love is just a sinful pastime.
my car wrote
my car has given up the ghost ...it touch and go...ayone know where i can get a new one?lol?
life..the game.. wrote
ok, this is how i see things....life?its a game..
point of death? we are already there.What is there when you die? what thoughts would you have?
None...then how can you have these thoughts and remember things...
When people say their life flashes before them?
thats exactly where we are now...dying...our life flashing is the life we think we are living..
Deja vu?..thats where we have double flashed...
where something went wrong and should have ended our life but didnt..
would you like
aaarggh!!!! where did that extra 8 lbs come from!!!!no way am i staying at 14stone....
5 entries  

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