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If ya got it, use it!
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My rules for life!! wrote
- If he doesn't spend on you he doesn't care for you
- Love is for losers
- Have fun while your still young
- Dnt ever go back to an ex!!!
- If ya dnt have to pay for it, dnt
- If ya got it, dnt just flaunt it, use it!
- Love life and be happy, dnt let some stupid relationship get u dwn
Stupid things I have done wrote
Spilt a whole bowl of noodles on my leg
Ripped my jeans on a door frame at school
Replied 'is he that black guy?' to the question 'who is Des Linum?' (or however its spelt)
Asked who Matt Daman is (i really dnt know celebraties!)
Called MYSELF by the wrong name (Matt)
Dropped a bar of soap on the floor so loudly the people downstairs thought i had fallen of the toilet
Asked some1 if they realy had lenses in their glasses (they did)

Im not stupid really i just dnt think before i speak
2 entries  

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