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lovin every second!!!
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Hahahaha...what a joke!!! wrote
Just wanna say i'm finding it hilarious that the ho bag himself 'Lord Red' aka Darkangel32 thinks he can play me as he does the little girls that he grooms...oops..not me eh sweetheart..thinking that he can quickly change all his profile and claim being hacked just before his girlfriend gets to see him in all his true colours!!!...Tut tut..you should know better than that my lovely..don't kid yourself that i'm not ahead of that game...oh I learned from the best..hee hee...
untitled wrote
....just feeling....COOLBEANS!!!!... x x
Realisation...and it feels great!! wrote
just an update for you lovely lot who have shared some tantalising convo with me..Kerri is back and feeling on tip top form..its a shame though that when that special, perfect somebody just turns on their heels and 'does one' lol..anyway...like I said..ALL IS GOOD NOW..like being knocked out by a bolt of lightening...I can see things for what they were and are..x x x
Is this what I already know it to be??? wrote
Come on people..help me out...Have you ever felt this way... When even at your most angriest and most hurtful times in your life, do you still have an overwhelming love and for the person who has made you feel so low..When everything seems so pointless and you want to get things moving forward again, but cant be done because your thoughts are with just that person. When you find yourself wiping tears you didnt know tou were crying. What is this?? Unconditional love????
4 entries  

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