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xxx wrote
You put the long hard shaft, into your mouth, you play with it around your tongue, in and out, in and out, you feel it building up inside, you go faster and faster untill the creamy liquid fills your mouth, you spit and it's all over!! COLGATE, take care of your teeth!! Lol xx
Joke! wrote
A man and a Woman are in very dark woods making love!
Man says I wish I had a torch! Woman says so Do I, You've been licking the grass for the last 10 minutes.... Lol!
How do you do it? wrote
Suck the end really slow & watch the white begin to flow! I can't resist to lick the rim before I thrust my tongue right in. I flick and tease it with my tongue and love to lick it all night long, then I lick it across my lips and lick it off my finger tips!

Cadbury's crem egg! How do you eat your's??! x
BOOBIES! wrote
Hello, If there are an surgeons out there that require a guinea pig for the latest boob job then Pick Me!!!
sicko's wrote
i swear to god i just had a peodo chatting to me off here! mandyt03 he is calling himself! sick n the head! people like that should be locked up! stay away from me mandy you sick fuck! excuse my language but people like you should get the death penalty! have a look people, and single mum's on facepaty be warned! she asks you for a chat and to be her friend and very quickly the alarm bells are raised! dirty fucking horrible person! jesus that has made me soooo mad!
5 entries  

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