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Im trying wrote
I tried living my life but it just blows up in my face my friends have forgotten I exist and I try and make my self know and they just forget about me unless I have weed , but any other time I just end sitting in my room waiting for some to talk but it never happens and all I do is just cry my self back to sleep im afriad to die but when im all alone in this darkness I have created for my self I dont see anouther way out. I just sit here and look at the belt and wanna go hang my self man.
someone help wrote
So tonight might be last night here Idk things just do not seem worth the stress or just living Idk what to do. So I'm going to end it. I do not want to but I figure their is nothing left on earth for to fight for, to live for
fuck my life wrote
I'm tired of feeling my life is just a sick joke I want to end it and maybe I can be happy. Maybe I have the the wrong out look on things but no else has shown me to look at it any differently. All I can see is through my eyes and all I see is my pathetic meaningless existence. This is my cry for help, I want to live but I'm slowly running of reasons too keep going.
3 entries  

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