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who says class is dead? wrote
today's 'charming' message comes from bmw-dan, who seems to think a BMW can be swapped for a personality:

"Hi hun fancy lettin me fuck u hard n i let u do wot u want il be ur play mate call me 07xxx xxxx56 xx il fuck ur arse so much u will love it ??"

needless to say, he's been blocked. keep it classy, guys!
if at first you don't succeed... wrote
...go crazy? that's the impression I'm getting from Dybala, anyway.

first message, Wednesday: "The Winter Soldier right iv read your profile surely we can meet now" - obviously ignored, as it a) misses the point, and b) is kinda creepy?

second message, today: "Why do men have to quote so its k for women not to read bit dick head men have to read. Women are just bigger dicks than men." - rambling, incoherent, basically sexist... how could I resist?

needless to say, Dybala is now blocke
patience is for saints wrote
so today I blocked d-keenan, because it seems that d-keenan Just Doesn't Get It, as far as reading signals. not only did he ignore my "give me a Winter Soldier quote to show you've read my profile" request, but he just wouldn't. stop. messaging.

and then this evening, he cuts to the chase and asks if I want to see his "big", "fat" cock. no. no I would not. so now he's blocked. other guys, if you want to message me, take this as a lesson in How Not To Get My Attention!
give me strength... wrote
so I post on my profile a simple test: if you're a man, quote a film I like when you message me so I know you read my profile, otherwise you get blocked.

Faceparty user MrBig, however, not only ignores my simple test of literacy, but sends me a message saying "Do u fancy some fun". exact words. my mind, it boggles.

even better, MrBig says on his profile that he's a nice caring guy, and thinks personality means more than looks. clearly this only applies to him. and now he's blocked!
generic messages wrote
guys, we know plenty of you send the exact same message to 50 girls a day... it's pretty obvious. try to be more creative!

The winner, though, is Jonito, who sent:
"hey hope you are well i dont care if you have small boobs or small pussy is still desire to test and see them oh baby.."

...now, sheer inanity aside, even the briefest look at my profile should tell him my boobs aren't small. epic fail!
5 entries  

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