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Male escort for hire.
Name: steven
Details: 110 years old (Capricorn), Male, Single, Straight
Location: manchester..., Manchester, United Kingdom
Profile Link:www.faceparty.com/rincewind31
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All aboard the good ship lardass!
Girls want me! Men want to be me!
How to look good naked.
i'm watching you!
In my own words

I'm hungry for love. Please climb aboard my belly and crumble weetabix into my wet, wanton mouth. mmmm scrumdiddlyumptious! THINGS I HAVE NOTICED ABOUT FACEPARTY. 1) Firstly, guys, please stop sending the same comment to every girl on faceparty. Just because they have t1ts and an ar$e and their favourite book is OK magazine, it doesn't mean they're stupid. 2) Most of the girls on here are younger than my underpants, but just like my underpants, even though I know they're filthy and that most of them are between 16 and 21 years old, I still wouldn't mind slipping inside a pair while watching match of the day! 3) Girls, if you're not interested in talking about sex or meeting for sex, stop adding men to your MSN called [email protected], and definitely stop posting photo's of your ar$e and t1ts, and close up webcam photo's of your vaginal lips flapping around like a pair of beef curtains on a windy day
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My mum's just caught me having a crafty wank. Talk about unlucky. How the hell was I supposed to know she was going to get on the bus.
My Worst Day...

was when I was attacked by a mass murderer. I just happened to be walking along, minding my own business when this mass murdering guy came towards me with a crazed expression and a rather big axe and just randomly chopped my head off. Anyway, once he was arrested I just applied a bit of savlon and a sticking plaster and eventually it grew back. I'm ok now.
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ickle-lil-mel wrote...  
i love ur profile pissed myself laughing reading it hahaha i love the last bit about girls with pics of there muffs out i normally call those girls cumbuckets coz they probably been rode on more then a bus does on its regual route .... and for the vagina and the curtains new word 'BEEF CURTAINS!!! :)
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perfectionbaby wrote...  
Lol.. Your page is amusing!!..
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mizz_chel-c wrote...  
your profile has totally made my night x
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hooch_123 wrote...  
Fkin Ledge!
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lil_sexy_lizzie_x wrote...  
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-x-miss-mckenzie-x- wrote...  
Love your profile!
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milsh wrote...  
oki thats werid
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delly_innit wrote...  
i am full on lolling. fair play to you!x
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x-xtigx-x wrote...  
saw your pic and had to have a nosey... just have to tell u that u are hilarious, i was in stiches reading your profile (even had to get my mum to come and read it haha) nice to see people still have a sense of humour :) fair play to you :) xx
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har_mar_super wrote...  
If i rub your belly will a genie come out?
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Photos of me
4 photos, 1 video
Favorite Things

sausages mmmm

60s 70s 80s 90s all except hippity hop

TV Show
lost, invasion, the office

horror action comedy romance

Author / Book
terry pratchett, roald dahl, lemony snicket

Night Club / Bar
whats a bar?

lil puppy dogs, bless!!

if youre reading this i have huge respect for you

my mind, a wonderful place to live

my hair straighteners


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