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Name: Mark Chapman
Details: 35 years old (Pisces), Male, Single, Straight
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Profile Link:www.faceparty.com/vapour_rock
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In my own words

Im an now an enlisted officer in the RAF, aiming for Harrion pilot when i greduate from that program, im out in the big world to dig a hole for a living. I like to play guitar, drums and listening to all sorts of music. Love going out with friends, up for most clubs, mainly go to Limelight or stiffkitten, love the union aswell always good craic. I fire spin as u might be able to see in my pictures. One of my fav hobbies too, tho if you mess up you tend to sing clothes and hair haha. I am also a keen photographer and if anyone is willing to model feel free to message me. Have a few pirceings and a couple of tattoos tho i plan to get more of each!
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The Meaning Of Life...

In the beginning, we were all fish. Okay? Swimming around in the water. And then one day a couple of fish had a retard baby, and the retard baby was different, so it got to live. So Retard Fish goes on to make more retard babies, and then one day, a retard baby fish crawled out of the ocean with its .mutant fish hands... and it had butt sex with a squirrel or something and made this! *points to a rodent* Retard frog-sqirrel, and then *that* had a retard baby which was a.
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mrscreepers wrote...  
The tattoo was three minutes of hell!
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lost_pr0phet wrote...  
its a tad shameful though ahaha
planning on getting a mahoosive one
down my ribs
will be sweet _
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orgasmocoder wrote...  
Ahhh ive heard of liam. apparently he was a knob. But I had the luck of never ever meeting him! :D
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orgasmocoder wrote...  
A year?!?!? Jaysus thats a bit much, I unfortunately worked in the ebach club for two years, then I just up and left for limelight and they only barred me for 6 months, but thats the rules in that place so by the time you can come back in the staff you worked with had probably left so there was no free drink given out!
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orgasmocoder wrote...  
lol i love limelight! i was a regular for two years then was steamin and asked for a job. I dont mind it so far. You would know rob then? hes my boyfriend :D
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orgasmocoder wrote...  
www.flickr.com/photos/umeko-ph otography
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orgasmocoder wrote...  
sorry im more of a photographer than a model. but if you've any decent photography ideas run them past me and i'll think about it
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sbemail wrote...  
havent got the chance to play yet! the post was delayed cause of snow so i didnt get the disk til yesterday. and my gaming pc is in belfast :P so wont get to install til tomorrow!
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sbemail wrote...  
frostwhisper, draenei mage lvl 80 is my main :P im arsing about on the beta server for cataclysm at the minute, bit buggy but its gona be class when it comes out!!
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sbemail wrote...  
of course ;)
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Photos of me
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Favorite Things

Chicken tika chilli masala :P yum yum but spicy!

anything with good guitar in it

TV Show
Band of Brothers, scrubs, My name is Earl!

Poppy Z Brite, many more ask me

Goonies, Indiana Jones

Night Club / Bar

Husky- Luna, and cats Lucky-R.I.P

possibly you :P

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