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What more need to be said
327 members
Everyone loves it, everyone needs it, everyone should join Music. Unless of course your favorite tune comes from Sclub7
282 members
The title says it all. www.faceparty.com/blue-eyes-ali &lt;-- Boss lady... Haha!
262 members
made dis to see if anyone a kno out dere!
197 members
MaXiMeS rAvErS cReAtEd By AlEx N kIrA lV yA hUn X
191 members
For the ravers who love banging beats and ne puffter music. Created for the people who love to rave and have good music taste To get ppl to realise...
182 members
One of the biggest dance weekender, who's going or went to the last one ??
179 members
Dis groups 4 ne teenagers in da UK that av a passion 4 UKG..DnB..DJ'in or MC'in.
153 members
Little Niche for those that frequent the cooler clubs in town and prefer a cheekier stimulant than alcohol. All welcome... come swap tales of trash...
149 members
live for the weekend, gives u, face party clubbing connections and friendly advice on where and where not 2 party at the weekends in the uk, . all ...
138 members
A place for dirty, sleazy, electro people to gather
119 members
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