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2011 wrote
So am 30 now, still single but I think it is important to point out I have yet to go out and buy a shed load of cats :) I have so far managed to do the following, go to Germany for friends 25th, dress as hollywood icon and jump off diving board (all in same week not day :)) Seen the Foo's and Biffy and been in a mosh, the mosh mainly being an accident. Have taken my mum away twice on walking holidays and now have my own garden at the family farm and grow all my own veg. How is your year going?
FP wrote
Ok, are there no nice guys that live near me, I only seem to meet guys from bloody miles away!! Not against long distance but those evenings when you want someone with you and you can't have them sucks!
this weekend wrote
Have very few words to put up but am so excited have to tell you all, am off tp the Big Chill this weekend, well from Thursday, am so excited, Thome York, Massive Attack, The Shoes, Plan B, M.I.A, Lily Allen and so many more!!!
Plus am going in my tent on my tod as sister has her own so have a 5 man ten with just me in it :) Going to be so much fun xxx
Moving into a house of trouser.... wrote
OMG, can't believe at my age am doing this but am moving into a house of trouser, not only that but completely different town and with people I don't really know. All good though as they are such nice guys and hopefully, fingers crossed, I won't have to do all the cleaning, lol! right best get back to packing, done most of the moving on my own and am so achy but hey almost all done, and looking forward to drinks tonight with the boys, and maybe a spot of poker x
FP wrote
Have been on here for years & still this place surprises me. Meet lots of interesting peeps on here all the time but unfortunately, and am not too sure why keep getting messages from people instantly being rude. Am no prude but jez, get some manners!
Anyways am working flat out at the moment and normally have this page up in the background so if I don't reply straight away am sorry, I will try to get round to it :)
5 entries  

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